Developer Asks Apple to Approve App, Praises Android Behind Its Back

VoX submits iPhone app to the iTunes App Store, says FaceTime is great

Vox Communications, a provider of cloud-based voice and video communications solutions, has submitted its mobile VoIP and video calling app to Apple for approval.

The company has high hopes for its new product, claiming it offers a key advantage over competitors’ solutions. But the VoX marketing campaign might need some tweaking if the company wants in the iTunes App Store.

VoX's Chief Information Officer, Mark Richards, noted in a press statement (emphasis mine), “We like the advantage that our app brings in that even though Facetime is a great application, you are unable to place a video call to a person who is running the world’s most popular operating system, Google’s Android.”

A little tip for Mr. Richards who obviously doesn’t know how to rub Apple the right way: dial down the Android praise! Tim Cook & Co. won’t have this type of marketing associated with iOS and iTunes.

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