Customers Prefer White iPad mini, Apple Lists 2 Weeks Shipping Time

Black & Slate model not as popular, ships November 2 at the earliest

Initial demand for the iPad mini is strong. Apple will ship the tablet on November 2 at the earliest, but only if you opt for the Black & Slate model. If you’re like most people and want the White & Silver model, get ready to wait for at least two weeks.

At the rate these things are flying off the (virtual) shelves of Apple’s online store, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the company spike the shipping times to as much as three, or even four weeks in the coming days.

According to the listings offered by the iPad mini model selector on, if you want the White & Slate model you'll have to wait a lot longer for it to ship to your door.

And that’s for the Wi-Fi models. If you want one that connects to the web regardless of hot-spot availability, the cellular versions will begin shipping in mid-November, and there’s a good chance those too will see supply strain as soon as they go on sale.

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