Curiosity Cube Game Hits 2.0 on iOS

“Curiosity V2 is what the experiment always should have been,” says 22Cans

Peter Molyneux’s original Curiosity game is now at version 2.0 which 22Cans is very proud of. According to the development house, “Curiosity V2 is what the experiment always should have been.”

Curiosity is a highly original game that has players worldwide collectively chipping away at the layers of a giant cube to unveil a mystery within its core.

The game is based on a contest where each player’s goal is to be the one to break that last tile standing between him / her and the “life-changing” secret inside.

The newest update to Curiosity lets players see the cube shatter as other people tap away at it. You can also see activity from outer space.

There’s a new paint tool that allows you to craft before you shatter cubelets. Players also get new in-depth statistics and badgers, and the highly-annoying Facebook button appearing in the upper right-hand corner of the screen has been removed (by popular demand). A coin-loss issue has also been addressed.

Download Curiosity - what's inside the cube 2.0 (Free)

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