Critical iOS 7 Bug Prevents Touchscreen Input on 20% Battery – Video

Touchscreen is non-responsive after reboot if the battery is almost empty

While iOS 7 is admittedly a beta-grade piece of software, one nasty glitch prevents access to the Home screen if the battery is at 20% charge level or below.

Discovered (or at least showcased) by user Sergey Romanov, the bug is deemed critical and has been captured on film.

The steps to reproduce the flaw are: 1. discharge the battery of iPhone to less than 20%; 2. power off the iPhone; 3. switch on the iPhone and wait for the weak-battery notification; 4. try to unlock the screen.

Sergey mentions in the description of his video that he used a 16GB iPhone 4 to demonstrate the bug.

Not to offend anyone who still uses an iPhone 4, but Sergey’s footage adds more confirmation that Apple’s 2010 smartphone is having a really hard time coping with the processor / RAM demands of iOS 7.

The Cupertino giant will undoubtedly address this flaw in a future beta release of iOS 7.

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