Could Apple’s iWatch Really Look like This? – Gallery

ADR Studio hits us with a huge gallery of photos featuring the latest iWatch mockups

No one – except maybe a handful of people at Apple – really knows what the iWatch is going to look like, but artists far and wide are taking stabs at the possible outcome with various mockups.

The latest such work comes from ADR Studio, home of a virtuoso designer who actually made some of the first iWatch concepts back in 2010.

Antonio De Rosa isn’t shy of letting his imagination run wild, as evidenced in the latest “iMe” (iWatch) concept he’s shared with us today. As usual, his work is stunningly beautiful, but is it possible for Apple to pursue such a design?

De Rosa proposes a form factor that retains the traditional wrist band and puts the whole device atop of the wrist with a 360-degree turning mechanism for portrait and landscape viewing modes, as well as to reveal an iSight camera.

His iWatch uses the best materials, including sapphire, Liquidmetal, annallergic rubber, silicone, and titanium, calling it “a jewel around your wrist,” mimicking Apple’s own promotional materials.

The device has both touch controls and physical buttons, such as a lock switch and volume buttons, something Apple may not bother to incorporate on such a small device.

Citing all the latest rumors, De Rosa says his iWatch comes with a motion sensor, a heartbeat monitor, and a dedicated health app. What do you guys think? Could Apple be working on something like this?


iWatch mockups (6 Images)

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