College Girls Will Love Apple’s Pre-Shattered “iPhone 5C”

Surprise press event marks the unveiling of a new breed of iPhones

The Onion reports that Apple has unveiled a new iPhone model that comes with a pre-cracked screen. Geared towards college girls, the iPhone 5C is “the phone you love, broken.”

The new unveiling reportedly took place at a “surprise press event” this morning with CEO Tim Cook presiding over the media gathering as usual.

Apparently, college girls drop their iPhones a lot, so Apple reportedly decided to make it easier for them and ship the next iPhone, dubbed 5C, pre-shattered.

The “C” supposedly stands for “cracked,” much in the same way the S in iPhone 3GS referred to the speedier processor.

According to the same “live” report, Apple will soon debut an iPhone version geared towards dads. The new iPhone will be pre-programmed to call the offspring whenever dear ol’ dad is having trouble with the handset, The Onion reports.

Editor's note:

The Onion is a satire publication whose coverage is for entertainment purposes only.

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