Cocktail 7.0 Adds OS X Mavericks Support, Currently in Beta

General purpose utility adds compatibility with Apple’s upcoming OS X revision

Maintain is eager to be on top of any issues that may arise after Mac users upgrade to the new OS X Mavericks this fall, and the company is already testing Cocktail against the new Mac OS.

Currently in beta, Cocktail 7.0 is already fully compatible with OS X Mavericks. However, Mavericks too is in beta, so there’s no reason to rush Cocktail 7 out just yet.

Apple plans to deploy its new Mac OS this fall, but the Cupertino behemoth hasn’t set an exact launch date.

Maintain’s utility is literally a “cocktail” of system tools and tweaks that let you get the most out of your Mac. Just how compatible it will be when Mavericks comes out is anybody’s guess. But I’m sure Maintain is on the case.

For anyone eager to test the new beta on a Mavericks Developer Preview, the download link is down below. The latest stable version of Cocktail is also available there.

Download Cocktail 7.0 Beta 1 (Free)

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