Clever Google Promo Takes a Jab at Apple Maps Updated

“Never get lost in the Big Apple,” says the search giant

We reported earlier today that Google was heavily promoting its Maps application via the iOS Safari web browser, but that's not the whole story, apparently.

The search giant not only recommends downloading their app when conducting location searches, but also displays an ad that takes direct aim at Apple and their poor mapping services.

“Never get lost in the Big Apple,” it states, and it’s as much about New York City (aka the Big Apple) as it is about the Apple Maps app that sometimes causes people to get lost.

The witty ad will undoubtedly upset the black suits at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California. However, Apple has no choice but to take all the blows until it irons out all the bugs in its own mapping service.

I’ve managed to get Google to display the more innocent ad – “It’s here. Google Maps for iPhone” – on my handset, but I’ve had no luck with the Big Apple pun so far. Hope it’s not fake.

Update: well, my fears have been proven right. It's a fake. Thanks Rutger!

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