Clash of Clans 3.3 iOS Adds Heroes and Dark Elixir – Free Download

Supercell updates its epic combat strategy game for iPhone and iPad

Clash of Clans, the combat strategy game where you build your village, train your troops and battle with others online, has received a massive update making the game worthy of everybody’s while.

Version 3.3 introduces Heroes: The Barbarian King and The Archer Queen. According to developer Supercell, Heroes are immortal and do not die in combat. “If they are injured, they can simply sleep it off.”

A new rare resource has been included. The Dark Elixir allegedly formed eons ago from fossilized Black Dragon bones. Find it and use it to recruit Heroes and upgrade their abilities.

You can also build a Dark Elixir Storage on Town Hall level 7 and even raid other players’ storage rooms for the precious resource. Also, Dark Elixir Drills have been unlocked on Town Hall level 8.

Other new additions include extra defenses, the option to find out who the most valuable members of your clan are, balance modifications, and bug fixes. Get downloading!

Download Clash of Clans iOS (Free)

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