Check Out the Cool Box Holding Your New iMac

The wedge-shaped container is equipped with a handy handle

Word has it that Apple employs a person whose sole job is to design the packaging for all its products. His latest work? The wedge-shaped shipping box carrying your shiny new iMac.

Apple has officially kicked off sales of the new all-in-one systems, and the first unboxing videos are already out. Some teardown photos are also circulating on the web.

Up until now, no one gave the packaging much thought. Who would? The new iMac can take the air out of an auditorium. But the cat’s out of the bag now. Pictured above is the box carrying the latest generation of iMacs from Cupertino.

Sure, it’s just a package. But like anything else Apple churns up, it’s quite a looker. The strangely-shaped container also comes with a handle, so you can carry it out of the store and into your home with ease.

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