Cellular iPad 4 Shipping Times Improve, iPad mini LTE Still Constrained

Some units are slated to arrive in the U.S. during Thanksgiving week

Apple is getting ahold of its iPad supply as customers report improved delivery dates for their iPad pre-orders, while Apple’s online store is showing a 7-day shipping date for the cellular iPad 4.

While the iPad mini stock is still constrained, customers in the U.S. are reporting that they’re seeing delivery dates of Wednesday, November 21, and even Tuesday, November 20. Apple had previously cited November 23 shipping for these pre-orders.

A quick trip to the Apple online store in the United States reveals that while the iPad mini is still two weeks away from any order placed today, the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display is available for shipping in “7 business days.”

The U.S. pricing for a 16GB iPad 4 with Wi-Fi & Cellular connectivity is $629 (€492), while the iPad mini starts at $459 (€360) with the same storage capacity.

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