Cathy Edwards to Leave Apple’s Maps Team

Inherited from Chomp, Edwards plans to stay on in Silicon Valley after her departure

Apple is letting Cathy Edwards go after inheriting her from the company’s acquisition of Chomp in 2012 with the purpose of bolstering App Store searches and discoverability. Edwards is currently on Apple’s Maps team.

TechCrunch has heard from its sources that “A notable personnel departure is coming up in Cupertino: Cathy Edwards, the co-founder and CTO of app search and discovery platform Chomp, is leaving Apple on April 11.”

When Tim Cook & Co. acquired Chomp in 2012, Edwards became Head of Search and Measurement. She later took on the role of Director, Evaluation and Quality, Apple Maps at Apple.

However, her stint at the Cupertino giant is apparently very short-lived. Per the report, “...Edwards will be taking time out after she leaves April 11 and before making her next move.”

An expert in search algorithms, Edwards “plans to stay on in Silicon Valley after her departure from Apple,” according to the same people.

Her CrunchBase profile also calls her a leader in engineering, product design, and a passionate builder of “high functioning teams, products and engineering systems.”

It isn’t clear how important Edwards is to Tim Cook and his minions, but considering that the company is still working around the clock to improve its Maps service, any departure from the Maps team can be considered a blow.

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