Browse the Web Flying Through Clouds – Sky Web Browser HD for iPad

Free web browser promises to make for a comfortable and relaxing experience

There’s no shortage of web browsers when it comes to Apple’s iOS ecosystem, and Sky Web Browser HD aims to redefine your concept of mobile Internet surfing.

The app comes with a cool interface that gives users a feeling of “flying through a clouded, shining sky,” offering a comfortable and relaxing experience.

“Beeing the most advanced and elegant available on app store for iPad, this app gives you up to 40% of your screen's back by hiding buttons an other stuffs when you don't need them,” according to developer Daniel Gonzales.

Mr. Gonzales promises to roll out an update soon, but he’s shy of mentioning any upcoming features in particular. That’s ok, we like surprises.

The app is compatible solely with iPads (iPhone and iPod touch is out). Since it requires only iOS 4.0 or later, all iPad models are supported, including the new iPad mini.

Download Sky Web Browser HD for iPad (Free)

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