Browse Through the Friends of Friends with Scoopt 1.1.0 iOS

“On Scoopt, you trust the recommendations because you trust the people”

Scoopt version 1.1 is out for iOS platforms allowing you to search Scoopt members by name, see a list of people you may know, and browse through the friends of friends.

Scoopt is a relatively new service which takes cues from Foursquare. If you’re looking for a new restaurant, the best place to shop, or a nice quiet park, Scoopt comes in very handy with its social networking features helping close friends share the places they love, trust and recommend.

“On Scoopt, you trust the recommendations because you trust the people. They’re your real friends, not random social network people. And they’re on your Scoopt because they know their stuff,” says the company.

Version 1.1.0 makes connecting with friends easier by allowing you to search all Scoopt members by name; browse through the friends of friends; browse a list of people “you may know;” and add or remove any member as a friend.

The friend invitation screen has been improved with one combined list of friends from Facebook and phone contacts, and you’ll also get a timeline and walkline refreshing feature.

Download Scoopt iOS (Free)

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