Brilliant iPhone 6 Design with Fingerprint Scanner and Curved Glass Envisioned – Video

Federico Ciccarese outdoes himself yet again with a new iPhone concept

By on 1 Jun 2013, 10:51 GMT

When it comes to conceptual artwork of Apple’s rumored products, Federico Ciccarese is second to no one. The Italian designer has come up with another jaw-dropping mockup of the next-gen iPhone.

If Apple comes out with a design that even remotely resembles what Federico has achieved this time around, the smartphone market will probably be taken by storm yet again.

Of course, you need to properly combine form with function to make such a device a possibility. That, we’ll leave to Apple’s engineering teams. All we can do is hope they can deliver.

Riding on biometrics rumors and talk of Apple implementing curved glass in its future iPhones, Federico’s concept is displayed in the video above, as well as in the picture gallery below. Tell me how it strikes you in the comments section below.

iPhone concept by Federico Ciccarese (5 Images)

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