Book Critic Parodies Apple Videos Envisioning “Letters” Patent

Following Apple’s secured invention of the digital page turning

After patenting the page-turning animation in iBooks, Apple might as well patent the letters of the alphabet, according to Washington Post book critic Ron Charles.

Charles made this cool video where he pretends to be one of Apple’s executives speaking in a dramatic tone about the company’s breakthroughs in patented technologies.

After inventing the digital page turn, Apple is now going for letters. “With Apple's new ‘Letters,’ we can write the words ‘cease and desist,’ and we can copy those words in courts in almost every state in the Union,” Charles explains.

The funniness comes from Charles’ use of Apple-style phrasing like “we went back to the legal team” (referencing the company’s back-to-the-drawing board M.O.) or “you’ll be amazed at what you can do with letters.”

The clip is embedded above waiting for you to hit play. Although Mr. Charles is obviously exaggerating a bit (for humor’s sake), his puns do seem to be spot-on.

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