Blind Man Uses Instagram on iPhone 4S, Shows You How It’s Done – Video

How Apple’s iOS Accessibility Features help the blind use their favorite apps

Ever wonder how blind people find their way around the iOS Home screen? If you have no trouble seeing, then there’s a good chance you’ve never used VoiceOver, or other Accessibility features in Apple’s iOS and OS X operating systems.

But Tommy Edison has become an expert at using his iPhone 4S through the handy Accessibility functions in iOS. Mr. Edison has been blind since birth, but he’s not shy of demonstrating how to use Instagram on the iPhone 4S for the visually impaired.

Using the Accessibility settings on the phone, Mr. Edison can navigate the touchscreen and various applications, including the menus in each app.

Hit the play button above to watch him as he takes a photo of the crew filming his tutorial, edits the image, and shares it with the world. Not surprisingly, he uses the iOS Dictation feature to include a short description.

By the way, you can follow the man on Instagram right here.

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