Blendoku 1.3.0 Color Puzzler Can Be Played by Color Blind Users Now

Update also brings additional level packs, online stat tracking, and more

Lonely Few has updated Blendoku, its original puzzle game that challenges your ability to distinguish and arrange colors.

The game is based on color principles and exercises taught in art schools. Players must try and beat the world average, as well as their own personal best. Perfectionists can go for a “perfect score.”

Version 1.3.0 is out with a special mode designed for color blind users, so everyone can enjoy Blendoku. Additional stuff includes new level packs, the ability to lock screen orientation, online stat tracking, and an option to sync multiple devices to your account with shared progression.

The features list touts almost 500 levels with a wide gamut of difficulties, but I’m pretty sure this involves at least a couple of in-app purchases, so be careful with this title around the kids.

That being said, all you need to run Blendoku is iOS 5.

Download Blendoku for iPhone and iPad (Free)

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