Bieber Pics iOS App Goes Free, Adds New Photos

Existing users told not to update, this release is for newcomers

Hot photos of teen heartthrob Justin Bieber are more accessible than ever in the new Bieber Pics iPhone app which is now free. Updated earlier today, the software enables faster browsing and features new photos of the teen idol.

Developer EverPic says viewing photos is much faster in Bieber Pics 4.2, and that the app features new photos of the male celebrity. The company also says that this update is for newcomers, and that existing users should “not update.” The warning is confusing, to say the least.

Bieber Pics lets you upload your own Bieber photos, share your photos with others, and receive likes and comments on the images stemming from your device.

You can also message and connect with Bieber fans and friends, according to the description, as well as follow others to see their latest uploads and discuss Bieber topics.

Download Bieber Pics iOS (Free)

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