Become an Inventor with Creatorverse for iPad

Second Life makers Linden Lab launch intriguing new iPad app

Best known for their life-sim desktop game Second Life, Linden Lab have come up with a brand new app, this time for the iPad, that enables you to design unique creations and then set them in motion.

A physics-based creation application, Creatorverse lets you draw objects on screen and then watch them bounce, roll, tilt, and accelerate, interacting with each other.

You can make everything from a boat floating at sea, to a puzzle game that you can hand to your kids to solve. As Linden puts it, “From the simplest bouncing ball to an elaborate pinball machine, the possibilities for tinkering are endless on Creatorverse.”

Best of all, you can download an endless selection of creations from other people, and you can upload your own for others to use.

Tailored specifically for the iPad’s 9.7-inch display, the $4.99 / €4.49 app requires iOS 5.1 or later. Although it’s placed in the Games category of the iTunes App Store, I’d much rather consider this one a full-fledged educational tool.

Download Creatorverse for iPad

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