Defeat Stay Puft in Ghostbusters 1.1 to Get Rare Equipment

Destructive character stomps through town for a limited time during special events

Fans of the new Ghostbusters game from Beeline Interactive have an exciting new update to download and play today. Players now have to battle Stay Puft on the rooftops of Manhattan.

Ghostbusters 1.1 brings the destructive Stay Puft which “stomps through town for a limited time during special Destructor Events. Players must look for him every other week,” says Beeline.

Your mission, of course, is to take him down to earn special rewards, including Power Cores and equipment that doesn’t come by very often.

You also get two brand new floors (levels) of the tower with new blueprints to research and boss fights, as well as the ability to capture four new ghosts and conduct research to unlock goodies.

Other tasks include: “fill your HQ with haunted housewares like the Dancing Toaster, Dana’s Haunted - Zuul Fridge, and Slimer’s Bed to collect daily rewards.” The game balance is also said to be improved.

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