Bandit Robs Apple Store with Nothing but Rocks

The smashed windows cost more than the stolen goods, Police said

An Apple retail store in Boulder, Colorado was the target of three rocks, or boulders, on Saturday morning when a hooded bandit made a $64,000 (€47,000) grab leaving pricey damage behind.

Boulder Police said the bandit threw three rocks through the custom-made front glass doors of the Boulder retail store to break in and ran off with $64,000 / €47,000 worth of merchandise. This all happened early Saturday morning, authorities said.

The damage caused by the rocks was actually greater than the cost of the stolen goods. The custom glass slabs making up the store’s entrance are estimated at $100,000 / €74,000.

Rick Levitt, the president of an Apple repair shop, is quoted by The Denver Channel as saying, “Apple is like gold. It's easy to sell. With the economy the way it is people are desperate and they need money and that's why they're stealing this stuff.”

Kudos to Mr Levitt for unraveling the mystery of why people steal Apple products, and we’ll be back with more details on the robbery if Boulder authorities actually have something to report on the suspect himself.

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