Bad iPhone Typists Should Try SwiftKey Note – Video

The fastest way to take notes on iPhone and iPad with Evernote integration

If you’re the kind of person that hits backspace more times than the number of characters in your message, now there’s an app that can help with all that.

Typing on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard is really hard for some people, especially those with big thumbs. Enter SwiftKey Note, a free iPhone and iPad app that uses prediction technology to intelligently autocorrect words as you type, offering next-word predictions based on how you use words together on a regular basis. Brilliant, right?

While SwiftKey can’t help with social networking (for now), you can use it for text messaging and even emails (thanks to the built-in sharing button), as well as for regular note taking.

Best of all, its creators are offering an SDK to help other application sellers integrate the SwiftKey virtual keyboard into their own apps. Download SwiftKey Note right now and take it for a spin. It’s awesome!

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