BBC iPlayer Gains iPhone 5 Support

Version 2.0.2 brings “More” and “Live Channels” buttons

The BBC iPlayer app is now fully supported on iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th-generation displaying full-screen on four-inch Retina LCDs.

The iPhone 5 / iPod touch 5 support translates into “a full screen of BBC iPlayer goodness and no more black bars,” according to Media Applications Technologies Limited – the people hired by the British broadcaster to code their iOS app.

iPad users gain a facelift in version 2.0.2 which makes program watching even more fun via the “More” and “Live Channels” buttons.

The iPhone version of BBC iPlayer also gets an exclusive add-on in this new update (technically, since the iPad installment already offered it) – “now you can plug your phone into your telly.”

Thanks to some really helpful user feedback, the developers were also able to patch a number of bugs. The app requires iOS 5.1.

Download BBC iPlayer iOS (Free)

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