Ashton Kutcher as 40-Year-Old Steve Jobs [Photos]

70s Show star no reenacting Jobs return to Apple in 1997

New photos have leaked from the setting of jOBS, the upcoming biopic featuring Ashton Kutcher as the man himself, and Josh Gad, as Steve Wozniak, his life-long partner.

There’s probably no other actor that could look this part better, but there is a lot of skepticism in regards to the acting bit. After all, it is what makes the movie a good movie.

Various photos have leaked showing Kutcher walking around with a Jobsian attitude, crossing his arms, taking short steps wearing the iconic New Balance sneakers, portraying a 40-year-old Steve Jobs as he returns to save Apple from bankruptcy. Kutcher appears to be acting out his role even when he’s not shooting. The only thing that’s missing is the turtleneck.

However, those glasses seem a tad small for the 70s Show star, wouldn’t you say?

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