Apple to Start Releasing Multiple New iPhones Annually, Analyst Says

The Cupertino company now has two smartphones that it can refresh individually

Somewhat mimicking Samsung with its extensive line of smartphones, Apple this year introduced not one, but two new iPhone models, a move that will allow it to refresh the iPhone multiple times per year, analyst Katy Huberty believes.

Working with Morgan Stanley, Huberty is one of many analysts with an eye for Apple’s modus operandi. While her predictions haven’t always panned out, she generally churns out reasonable scenarios.

Her latest forecast is that Apple has paved its own way for multiple annual iPhone upgrades, by introducing the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c this year.

She said in a research note that Apple’s dual iPhone lineup will make for “multiple refreshes per year,” which would be the perfect answer to rival Samsung, for example.

This wouldn’t necessarily translate into more media events. Apple will most likely discontinue the iPhone 4s, setting the 5s as the mid-tier phone, while the 5c will become the company’s new low-end choice. The iPhone 6, or iPhone Air as some designers believe it will be called, will be the high-end version.

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