Apple to Release Update for iTunes 11 Reinstating “Duplicates” Function

Users to be able to detect duplicates and erase them in a future iTunes release

WSJ tech columnist Walt Mossberg confirms in his iTunes 11 review that Apple will be reinstate a “duplicates” function in the media player via an upcoming Software update.

A release received with equal amounts of dismay and praise from fans worldwide, iTunes 11 is far from perfect, but it does deliver some useful enhancements, including iCloud ties that make a lot of sense for users trying to keep their music libraries in sync across several devices.

Other changes are not so appreciated, such as the removal of Cover Flow view. Veteran tech columnist Walt Mossberg, of the Wall Street Journal, outlines in his iTunes 11 review that this feature is not likely to come back.

However, a useful feature that finds song duplicates in a user’s library is making a comeback, he confirms (citation below).

“Fans of iTunes will notice some omissions and flaws. The long-touted Cover Flow carousel of album covers has been dumped. The company says it found too few users considered it useful. A feature that finds duplicate entries is missing. Apple says it will soon be restored in a minor update of the program.”

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