Apple to Release New MacBook Airs Tomorrow, April 29 – Report

Sources say Apple will rearrange the placement of Macs in stores

Apple is on track to release updated versions of the existing MacBook Air lineup, including the 11-inch and 13-inch models with no outer redesign, and several internal enhancements, such as new processors.

Multiple sources are telling 9to5mac that a range of new MacBook Air laptops will be introduced as soon as tomorrow, April 29, as part of a planned upgrade of the existing line of ultra-thin notebooks.

The upgrade is not major and will reportedly focus on the innards of the two laptop models. New parts will include the latest Haswell processors, and “Apple will likely tweak the Air’s storage options to round-out the update,” according to the report.

A separate source noted that the company will change the placement of Macs in stores to focus on the new MacBook Air models. It isn’t clear if the Cupertino giant will introduce the new models with an announcement or with a mere update to its online store’s listings. Considering that the upgrade isn’t major, the latter scenario is likely.

Apple is expected to reveal an all-new 12-inch MacBook Air model with a redesigned chassis, a thinner profile, and no fans later this year, according to several reports. 9to5’s sources say that “tomorrow’s update is not that computer.”

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