Apple to Host “Made for I” to Discuss Lightning Guidelines

The company’s conference in Shenzhen, China will debut on Nov. 7

While many believe that Apple may actually crash Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch party with the iPad mini debut, the Cupertino-party has much more goodies prepared for its partners in the upcoming weeks.

The “Made for I” conference in Shenzhen, China will debut on November 7 and will allow accessory manufacturers to find out more information on the way they can create peripherals compatible with the new Apple Lightning connector.

As you may know by now, the Lightning connector offers Apple much more control over the accessories you use with your iPhone 5.

It includes an authentication chip that could block the use of certain unlicensed accessories, so only those approved by Apple could be plugged in.

The event will close its doors on November 9, so if you’re an active player in the iPhone accessory market, make sure you reserve a plane ticket to China for early November.

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