Apple’s iPad Ads Are Losing Their Flair

Apple tells the same story over and over again; a repertoire change is required

Two new TV spots are available from Apple featuring all the cool things about iPads, including the full-size 9.7-inch version, and the diminutive iPad mini with its 7.9-inch display.

Featuring the same percussion-based soundtrack with a chorus yelling out things like “alive,” “loud,” “bright,” “wild” etc, the new iPad ads seem to mark a departure from Apple’s previous advertisements.

Not necessarily in the visuals as much as in the audio. I, for one, find the audio bit annoying. And I’m wondering how much Apple can keep this up. For the past year or so, the company’s iPad ads have been telling the same story over and over again. From a visual standpoint, they're virtually unchanged.

All they do is showcase apps on a white background with hands coming out of nowhere. They're starting to feel artificial. Any story told one too many times becomes stale.

Using the iPad in various circumstances, for example on a trip in the middle of nowhere with a group of friends where the tablet instantly becomes the most useful survival tool in one’s backpack – now that would make a great commercial.

Don't let Samsung beat you to it, Apple!

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