Apple's iCloud Breach Is "Actively Investigated"

Is the iCloud Privacy good enough for iOS 8 and HealthKit?

The news that a group of celebrities got their private pictures stolen and published only spread immediately on Monday. Anonymous posts on the website 4Chan got everyone's attention.

The photos were allegedly taken from celebrities' iCloud accounts. It is believed that all the hacked accounts were using the Photo Stream feature and they have all been taken down using the brute force attack method. 

So far there's no confirmation that Apple's security in iCloud or other similar apps that use the same account have been compromised. In one instance, the photos had in the same folder with them a "Welcome to Dropbox" file that may mean everything started from Dropbox. 
All day on Monday, Apple has declined to comment on this situation, but early on Tuesday, their spokeswoman Natalie Kerris came with a message from Cupertino via Re/Code, "We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report." No word on whether this is an iCloud problem or something else coming from the same family of apps. 
There were voices on the Internet that explained how bad that could prove for Apple because they have Cloud Kit and iCloud drive coming with iOS 8. Also, Apple is offering a new app for its users, 
This will track your burned calories, running schedule and bodily functions all in one and report it to a doctor or a Medical Center. Everything was believed to be secure, until people started finding the nude pictures released a day ago.
Would you trust your private life to the Cloud?

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