Apple's Phil Schiller Called In for Questioning in Samsung Case

Samsung seeks to stop product ban, picks on comments made by Apple’s SVP

Apple's pursuit of a ban on a number of Samsung products has attracted the wrath of lawyers defending the South Korean firm, who are now asking to have some chat time with Apple’s Phil Schiller, SVP of marketing.

The Verge reports that Samsung is granted another shot at questioning high-level Apple personnel, namely Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing.

Apparently, some comments made by Schiller in a court document declaring his support for an injunction are "new or in conflict with his testimony at trial.”

Judge Grewal reportedly asked Apple to make Schiller available to Samsung’s attorneys no later than November 5, after denying the Mac maker’s request for clarification on the matter.

It seems Apple is getting bossed around lately. First it’s amended Samsung apology, now this. What’s next, jailing Tim Cook?

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