Apple’s Bounce Scroll Patent Tentatively Invalidated

The battle against Samsung could turn to a new direction

Apple appears to have lost another battle against mobile phone maker Samsung, as its widely known Bounce Scroll patent has been tentatively invalidated in the United States.

Apple has been using this patent to attack other rivals as well, but it seems that it won’t be able to do so anymore, as the US Patent Office took the decision to invalidate it.

Reportedly, Samsung managed to convince USPTO that there was intriguing prior art from 2003 for “controlling content display” by AOL/Luigi Lira.

This is one of the patents that the Cupertino-based company used in its trial against Samsung, and which resulted in the South Korean vendor being eligible to pay $1.05 billion to Apple.

For the time being, however, the outcome of the legal battle between the two giants hasn’t been decided.

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