Apple iTV to Launch in the 1st Half of 2013 – Report

Asian report claims Apple is ready to take the tech industry by storm next year

China’s Commercial Times today reports that Apple is beginning to source parts for the next-generation iPhone 5S. But that’s not all Apple has on the table for 2013, according to the newspaper.

A rough translation of the Chinese-language story is out revealing that Apple is also planning to release a new television product called “iTV” by the Chinese newspaper.

Rumors about Apple entering the living-room with a full-fledged HD TV have been around for longer than we can remember.

Each year, analysts have the same story to tell, and the people at Apple Inc. have theirs. At the end of the day, no Apple-branded TV is in sight.

But all that is about to change next year, when Apple’s new iPhone, iPad, and iTV launch in the first half of 2013, according to the admittedly poor translation (below, emphasis ours).

“The industry pointed out that Apple’s new machine together, the new version of the iPhone, iPad and iTV in the first half of next year will be launched, including in low-priced products are also expected to debut, breaking Apple over the years, the practice of the year a new machine.”

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