Apple iPlay Game Console Envisioned in Spoof Video

Pushing their luck with Apple, gaming site attempts April Fools’ joke

IGN is treating us to an April Fools’ video featuring an (imaginary) Apple iPlay console which runs nothing but Angry Birds and reportedly does pretty much what all the other Apple products can do.

Created as a tongue-in-cheek stab at Apple’s product marketing, the iPlay spoof video actually begins with the company’s very own industrial designer, Jonathan Ive, with a voiceover doing his bit, replacing some words.

Presenting an imaginary iPlay game console, the video shows a device similar to the Apple TV in almost every aspect.

IGN should know Apple has a touchy sense of humor, but they went ahead and spoofed the company’s marketing videos anyway. The Cupertino giant has a legal department known to be very convincing at taking down such humorous pokes.

Leaving April Fools’ aside, it’s been rumored that Apple would introduce a gaming controller. At the very least, the company could open up an API in iOS for third parties to do all the legwork and turn the Apple TV into a game console by simply giving it App Store access. The rumors are certainly sketchy, but not improbable.

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