Leaks Old iOS 7 Iconography

Alternative app icons revealed on by mistake

An alternative set of iOS 7 icons was briefly shown on, then pulled down after widespread coverage on the blogosphere.

Apple had mistakenly uploaded separate sets of icons for its iOS 7 marketing pages. At least on one portion of its web site, a slightly different set of icons was shown, presumably stemming from an earlier development.

Notable icons whose graphics looked different in their older versions included Weather, Passbook, Reminders, Mail, and even Photos (with a slightly altered color palette).

Apple’s iOS 7 design has received mixed impressions from the fan base, with some praising the minimalistic design, while others considering it too childish / girlish.

Whoever is right, Apple is still months away from releasing the software to the public. There’s no telling whether or not the current graphics will stay in place.

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