Apple and Samsung Fail to Reach Settlement, Fight Continues Bloomberg

“Apple seeks to impose an obstacle to this resolution through a unilateral condition"

Rumors about Apple and Samsung patching things up remain just that, as the lawyers of each of the two technology giants have failed to come to terms yet again. It seems Apple’s crusade against Samsung is still not over.

Bloomberg reports that lawyers for both companies pledged to pursue an agreement to end the patent dispute that has been going on for three years, but each party is unable to cope with the other’s demands.

The most vocal is Samsung’s lawyer, Michael Fazio, who said in a court filing, “Simply put, though both parties contend that they are committed to resolution, only Apple seeks to impose an obstacle to this resolution through a unilateral condition.”

Apple lawyer Mark Selwyn said in his own filing with U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh that “Reaching a settlement is ‘impossible’ as long as Samsung refuses to agree that Apple’s participation in talks can’t be used in any proceedings over royalties or possible sales bans,” reports Bloomberg. Judge Koh has urged the two companies several times to end their dispute amiably.

Suddenly, that rumor about Apple dropping Samsung from the iPhone 6 supply chain doesn’t sound so unrealistic. Don’t be surprised if you hear that the Cupertino giant completely forgoes Samsung’s services, including for chip production.

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