Apple Takes Up Almost All of Foxconn’s Unibody Production

Catcher also has its hands full making aluminum enclosures for MacBooks

Research and Markets has released the “Global and Chinese Mobile PC Casing (Enclosure) Industry Report, 2012-2013,” report which looks at the trends in the industry with a particular focus on Apple.

According to the research firm (which sells these market intelligence reports for hard cash), Apple’s unibody aluminum alloy enclosures have kicked off a trend inspiring competitors to follow suit and equip their own laptops with such cases.

But there’s a problem, namely, “…it takes a long time and considerable capacity to produce Unibody aluminum alloy casing.”

Furthermore, Research and Markets notes that “the capacity of Unibody aluminum alloy casing giants Foxconn and Catcher has been fully occupied by Apple.”

According to the white-paper, the emergence of the Ultrabook also drove a change of materials for notebook casing. Interested parties can get the full scoop at this address.

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