Apple TVs with Wi-Fi Issues Prompt Apple to Launch Replacement Program

Technicians are instructed to replace devices less than 2 years old

Apple retail stores, authorized resellers, and AppleCare employees are receiving a memo from the mothership with instructions to replace any Apple TV models exhibiting a few particular connectivity issues.

Seemingly confirming a faulty batch of devices, Apple’s memo states, “Apple has determined that a very small number of Apple TV (3rd generation) products might experience one of these Wi-Fi related connectivity issues.”

The Cupertino giant then proceeds to enumerate said issues, naming symptoms like “Cannot locate network;” “Unable to join network;” and “Dropped or intermittent connection.”

Technicians are reportedly instructed to replace affected products for whoever walks in with a faulty set-top box, but only if the device is less than two years old (from the original purchase date).

The staffers are also required to check the device for any external damage, as well as to ensure that the hardware is running version 5.2.1 of the Apple TV software, before proceeding to offer a replacement.

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