Apple TV Software Update 6.0.1 Released

Update includes general performance and stability improvements

Despite not refreshing the Apple TV hardware this year, Apple continues to beef up its offerings through constant software tweaks and backend updates, as well as maintenance releases for addressing issues.

Apple TV Software Update 6.0.1 Build 11B511d is available for second- and third-generation devices, and includes “general performance and stability improvements,” according to the company.

fireCore, makers of the aTV Flash dongle, are telling owners of a jailbroken 2nd-generation set-top box to sit tight and refrain from updating if they want to keep reaping the benefits of their jailbreak.

Since Apple TV 3rd-gen devices aren’t yet jailbreakable, users can safely update to the latest version.

Apple TV 6.0.1 also includes all the benefits from Apple TV 6.0 released this month, including iTunes Radio, the iTunes Music Store, iCloud Photos, AirPlay from iCloud, Podcasts, iMovie Theater, enhancements to Subtitles and Captioning, Conference Room Display, and more.

Download Apple TV Software Update (Free)

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