Apple TV Software Update 5.2.1 Available for Download

It adds support for Music in the Cloud in Japan and Israel, improves general performance

Alongside the iOS 6.1.3 software update Apple has released Apple TV 5.2.1, a new version of the underlying software powering the company’s $99/€99 set-top box.

Apple TV 5.2.1 Software Update includes updates to iTunes in the Cloud, according to the documentation published by Apple on its support site. Specifically, the update adds support for Music in the Cloud in Japan and Israel.

Some stability and performance tweaks are also mentioned. According to the Cupertino giant, the new update “Includes improvements for software update, subtitles, and general performance.”

As expected, the security flaws patched on the mobile side in iOS 6.1.3 can also be found listed in the advisory detailing the security content of Apple TV 5.2.1.

A vulnerability credited to the evad3rs, “a state management issue existed in the handling of Mach-O executable files with overlapping segments,” Apple states in the documentation.

“An information disclosure issue existed in the ARM prefetch abort handler,” reads another one.

Apple TV 5.2.1 is targeted at second-generation devices and newer versions.

Download Apple TV 5.2.1 Software Update (Free)

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