Apple TV 6.0 Relaunched with Higher Build Number

11A502 presumably includes some bug fixes for reported “bricking” issues

Apple customers are reporting that the Cupertino giant has begun rolling out new builds of the Apple TV 6.0 Software Update for second and third-generation set-top boxes, following concerns that the previous build would brick devices.

The initial Apple TV 6.0 (build 11A470e) update released last week reportedly bricked a number of set-top boxes, and Apple was forced to pull the software.

After carrying out the necessary maintenance, Apple today is re-offering Apple TV 6.0 with a higher build number (11A502) and, presumably, some code corrections.

Apple TV 6.0 brings the all-new iTunes Radio music streaming service, offers access to the iTunes Music Store with purchase and playback capabilities, iCloud Photos, Podcast syncing, and more.

Apple TV Software Update 6.0 is a free download for all Apple TV owners (starting with the second-generation model and upwards).

Download Apple TV Software Update

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