Apple TV 3 Has 512MB RAM

Teardown also reveals Apple hasn’t increased the storage capacity

The A5 chip used in the new Apple TV increases the RAM capacity to 512 megabytes, according to a person who has carried out a teardown.

On first glance, the teardown suggests Apple is using a typical A5 applications processor, but the markings on it say otherwise.

A forum member of says the date codes suggest it was manufactured during the fifth and seventh week of 2012 and that the Hynix RAM is 512MB.

The same teardown revealed to forum user “aicjofs” that the NAND Flash is supplied by Toshiba. The capacity remains at 8GB, helping Apple keep the manufacturing costs down. It also appears that the new ATV’s ability to play 1080p does not require additional storage (for buffering).

Photos and other findings are available in the full post here.

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