Apple Systems Hacker Hired by Department of Defense

A month ago, the security researcher got banned from Apple’s dev program

Charlie Miller, a hacker best known for pirating Apple’s iOS and Mac operating systems, is now on the DoD’s for providing invaluable advice on cyber security.

NATO is bringing in la creme de la creme in the hacking community to gain protection for its information systems.

Miller was invited to the conference on cyber conflict held by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence in Tallinn. There, he talked about the vulnerability of information systems and offered his opinion on how this can be addressed.

His solution is pretty simple actually - laws that force software vendors to make their code more secure.

Miller recently got kicked out of the Apple Developer Program (by Apple, of course) after exposing a flaw in code signing on iOS devices that could allow a hacker to build and submit a piece of malware to the iTunes App Store.

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