Apple Sued over 3GPP LTE Infringement with iPhone 5, iPad 3

Wi-LAN Inc. files two separate lawsuits citing multiple infringing devices

A U.S. company going by the name of Wi-LAN Inc. has filed two separate lawsuits against tech juggernaut Apple Inc. in Florida and Texas alleging infringement of its patented 3GPP LTE wireless standard.

At the heart of the suits lie Apple’s most recent portable gadgets, including the iPhone 5, and the third-generation iPad, which are specifically noted in the court filings as infringers of Wi-LAN’s  '211 Patent.

The documents say Apple has been notified by this patent infringement since November 25, 2011 (according to Patently Apple). At the time, Apple was using the 3GPP LTE standard in its iPhone 4S, according to the filings.

The company thus concluded that “Apple's direct and indirect infringement of the '211 Patent has been willful and deliberate, making this an exceptional case and justifying enhanced damages.”

Apple is yet to respond to these accusations.

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