Apple Still in Bed with Samsung for A9 Chip in 2015, Says Korean Paper

TSMC secures orders for upcoming SoCs, but Samsung is reportedly still on board

Apple is not done yet with Samsung, if one new report from Korea is to be believed. According to industry sources quoted by The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung has managed to secure orders for a 14-nanometer A9 chip from Apple.

Because of their extended legal disputes, Apple and Samsung have been forced to reduce their reliance on each other regarding chip production for the iPhone and the iPad.

Referred to as SoC, or system-on-a-chip, the A-series processor has powered every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad since 2010.

While TSMC has been able to secure orders for chips destined to be used in 2014, Samsung reportedly already has an order from Apple for 2015, when it plans to produce a 14-nanometer A9 chip.

From the Korean newspaper:

“Samsung Electronics had supplied the AP [application processor] to Apple since 2007 but lost the contract to supply 20 nano AP A8 chips to Apple to Taiwan's TSMC last year when it was engaged in patent disputes with Apple. Samsung Electronics developed state-of-the-art 14 nano models ahead of its rival TSMC, regaining the order from Apple.”

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