Apple Slaps Dev for Suggesting People Can’t Weigh the Benefits of iOS

“Consumers really don’t care that much what platform they are on,” says Donald Leka

TransMedia CEO Donald Leka said in a press release announcing the company’s new “Glide” app that “Consumers really don’t care that much what platform they are on, where their files are stored, or what the file types and file formats are.”

Leka stressed that users like you and me are only interested in accessing and sharing “a family photo, a letter to a friend, a favorite song or show,” in the simplest manner possible, without worrying about the platform used.

To which Apple Worldwide Developer Relations said, “…the tone of your release and your product positioning is at odds with not just our primary marketing messaging, but the entire reason Apple exists […] We strive to make the best products we can because we believe the right product will change a customer’s life. And customers do indeed care about things that change their lives.”

Apple’s reply continues to berate the developer, prodding TransMedia to edit its press release to “recast” its message in a more positive way.

I’m not going to comment on the matter for fear I will sound biased (I can't conceive not caring about the platform I'm on). Both parties are probably right in their own sense, especially given how Leka phrased his statement, saying customers “don’t care that much.” I think it’s safe to say a lot of people fall in this category.

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