Apple Says “Yes” to Biometric iPad Hardware, Gives Tactivo MFi Approval

Tactivo for iPad 4th-generation obtains MFi certification from Apple

PRECiSE has released a press statement to confirm that Apple has given its seal of approval to the Tactivo Smart Card and Fingerprint Reader for iPad.

As the first mobile smart card and fingerprint reader based on the new Lightning connector, the Tactivo for iPad 4 supports payment chip cards and fingerprint authentication.

Thomas Marschall, president and CEO of Precise Biometrics, says, “We are pleased to announce that Tactivo for iPad 4th Generation has been MFi approved by Apple and thereby is ready for global launch. We already have pending orders from both old and new Tactivo customers.”

PRECiSE also offers an iOS Toolkit (SDK) which enables third-party developers to implement self-contained authentication in their iOS apps.

The toolkit can also be used to integrate apps with third-party identity managers and service providers.

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