Apple Revamps Stores with Graphics from Running TV Commercials

Under Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s stores are taking on a new look and feel

Apple is changing the mood across its retail stores by featuring banners with images from its running ad campaigns, “Powerful” and “Your Verse.”

A much needed change in scenery, Apple recently began featuring new ad campaigns for iPhone and iPad depicting real-life stories and scenarios where people’s lives are enriched thanks to the array of features offered by the iDevices, including the massive software library available on the iTunes App Store.

For years, Apple has been struggling to regain some of its advertising oomph, and it seems it has finally nailed a formula that really works. Under newly-hired retail boss Angela Ahrendts, the company’s retail stores are taking a similar path.

Apple is now hanging banners around its stores featuring images from the aforementioned TV commercials. The stills show people making music, taking photos, studying, playing games, etc., all using iPhones and iPads.

According to customers who’ve seen the banners up close in US stores, the color, tone, and brightness are “much richer and darker than the previous graphics.”

The stores otherwise remain unchanged, but we can expect more exciting stuff to emerge as Mrs. Ahrendts takes on her full duties as retail boss, leaving her mark on this particular area of Apple’s business.

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