Apple Removes Shipping Dates from iPad mini LTE Orders

Now states mid-November for orders that previously cited Nov. 23 delivery

Customers who pre-ordered their cellular iPad minis from Apple are reporting that the company no longer mentions an exact shipping date, possibly due to supply shortages.

In what was a fairly predictable scenario, Apple has sold out the entire iPad mini stock prepared for the device’s debut. For those who ordered a cellular model, Apple said the device would ship November 23.

Now, the company has changed the shipping status to mid-November.

Apple is facing a serious supply shortage not only on the iPad front, but also in the iPhone and Mac departments too.

Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, confirmed during a quarterly earnings call that the iMac is particularly constrained this time around. This is generally the case with products that are transitioning, this being the case with the iPad mini and the iMac.

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